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We Help Business Create Responsive Logo Design That Adapt To Digital Environment

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Hi, I am Suree. I am a logo designer and brand strategist at Brandmoss. Let me help you create a responsive logo that grow with your business. Let’s find out what is a responsive in the Q&A below

What is Responsive Logo?

Responsive logo is a logo that have been simplified from primary logo for better visibility in smaller space

Why Business Need a Responsive Logo?

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Responsive logo helps business improve brand visibility and recognisability on various digital platform such as social media profile picture and favicon.

Is Responsive Logo Timeless?

Yes, responsive logo design in Brandmoss is created with simplicity approach as priority.

How We Create Responsive Logo That is Timeless?

We avoid jumping on the trend wagon. We prefer classic logo than a logo that follow the trend because we find out that trend is just like fashion, it looks good today but looks outdated next year.

Responsive Logo Portfolio

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Have a Project in Mind?

Have a logo design project in mind? I am accepting 4 new project per month. Reach out to me to reserve your spot now. Email me at suree@brandmoss.com or give me a call at +6010-2193769 (available on WhatsApp)