9 Useful Branding Tips for Cafe and Restaurant

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Looking for branding tips for cafe or restaurant? You came to the right place.

Proper branding is part of a touchpoint that build your cafe/restaurant. But first, let’s understand what branding is so we are on the same page.

What does branding mean for cafe/restaurant?

Branding meant differently from each people. Some people think a logo is a brand for their business. They are not wrong, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. In Brandmoss we think a logo is part of branding.

Branding plays a bigger picture than that. This is how we define branding.

“Branding is a guideline created to let consumer shape the emotion to feel towards a business, person, services or product”

Have you ever wondered how Rolex makes people feel rich when wearing their watches? Well, definitely not just because of a logo. Their marketing, services, the look on their watch, shared value with their audience, all these played a part to build a brand.

Now you understand what branding is, let’s carry on with these tips that will help build a brand for your restaurant.

How your cafe/restaurant name sounds like?

Does your restaurant name appeal to your audience? Can your audience pronounce the restaurant name?

A good name will give an impression of what your restaurant serve before they go in your cafe.

It doesn’t sounds right if you include the words “coffee shop” when your restaurant is serving sushi.

The look and feel of your cafe/restaurant

How do you want your customers to feel like when they walk in your restaurant?

Welcoming, high end, hippie? The look and feel of your restaurant can indirectly tell your food price point.

Besides, a clean restaurant makes your customer comfortable.

Have proper visual branding

Does your visual branding align with the look and feel of your café?

I am referring to the logo, poster, online banner, promotional leaflet, weekly special deal leaflet. All of these needs to properly align with how you want your customer to feel when they visit your café.

If the interior of your café looks high end but your visual theme is all colorful, that will be weird combo right? It’s like wearing sandals with a tuxedo.

Get rid of old Menu

Your restaurant is clean and beautiful, customer service in on point and all that good impression just to get spoiled by a dirty old menu.

Have you seen menu that is dirty and crumpled on the edges? This menu is like a sales page for your restaurant so get it reprint when your menu got old.

Get the right menu design

Do you know a well-designed menu can influence your customer to order more? Let me show you a few tips on getting the menu right.

-Take away the currency sign. This will make them less aware of the cost.

-Have a combo promo? Include that at the top of the menu.

-List your menu in random order. Not by the highest price to lowest price.

Check out more Menu psychology from Huffington Post.

Tell a story through menu

This is a great touchpoint to show your brand personality. For example, there are many ways you can describe a roasted chicken:

  • Chicken bathing in fire with a dash of secret sauce
  • Chicken in overheat honey flavor sauna
  • Chicken dancing in fire
  • Mouthwatering roasted chicken with wine sauce

Have fun to describe your food, tell a story about how you come out the recipe or what ingredient you use. This will get your customers to get to know more about your café.

Clean your toilet!!

Need me to say more? I am pretty sure you are going to lose your appetite after visiting a dirty and smelly toilet. That is not a good brand experience that you want your customer to have.

Enough about this, I’m having lunch while writing this. Let’s move on to the next point.

Have a Shared Value

Do you have a value that you deeply believe in such as using the freshest ingredient? Or support local homeless shelters by donating food? Share this value with your customers.

Research from Harvard Business Review shows that 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.

Good Customer Services

73% of consumers love a brand because of helpful customer service. How do you handle when a hungry customer realize their soup is served cold?

Good customer service is going to leave a long-lasting good impression for your customer.

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