Branding services for each stage of business

Branding is not only a marketing service applicable for big business, but a one-man small business from selling veggies online to hawker stall can also be branded as well. Brandmoss helps businesses from all stages that need to launch or grow.

We have two signature services that cater to both stages of business, Fundamental Launch and Dominance Growth.

Logo Fundamental Launch

This is a perfect package for small business/home base business who plan to start small with big ideas. You don’t have to go full fledge branding services at this point. Basic visual tool is what you need at this stage so you can allocate more budget on customer acquisition. This service includes responsive logo design + 1 to 3 stationary design. Contact and tell us more about your company so we can consult you further..

Full Branding Dominance Growth

A recommended package for established business looking to launch new products, services, tradeshow, marketing campaigns, or looking for consistent visual branding is a sign of company growth. Let us help you decide the visual tools that you need to support your business growth. This service includes Brand Strategy + Brand Naming + Brand Identity + Brand Guideline + Logo + Stationary Design


Service Definition For Dominance Growth

A product, tradeshow, services, new business, a movement or even a person can benefit from a proper visual branding

Brand Strategy

A framework that becomes a references point to decide how your overall visual branding looks. This is the most important first step that catapult your business visual branding growth.

Logo Design

There are more than 5 types of logo to choose from, let us help you create the right logo for your business

Corporate Identity

A visual theme consists of imagery, design elements, typefaces, and other visual elements that give your business a unique visual brand personality. Think of the pattern that you saw on Louis Vuitton Bag

Brand Guideline

Organize corporate identity in digital or printed media for internal design team to refer visual branding rules created as a result to maintain brand consistency

Stationary Design

Including business card, letterhead, envelope and other office stationery that bring brand consistency along with your marketing tools


Brand Marketing Tools

Creating marketing tools for better communication, spread awareness or assisting sales process including :


Promotional tools include banner design (Printed and Online),  billboard design, poster design, environmental design, backdrop design, brochure/flyer design.

Packaging Design

Persuade your customers to purchase your product when you are competing on the rack or online. Influence buying decisions with proper brand positioning on this crucial sales funnel. 

Corporate Profile

Tell a better story about why you started this company and how your company benefits your potential customer.

Web Design

A website can serve as a platform that brings you additional sales, tell stories, showcases your product, ideas distribution, corporate profile and build community.

Stationary Design

Including business card, letterhead, envelope, uniform, sticker,  and other office stationery that bring brand consistency along with your external branding.

Presentation Slide

Tell a clear, engaging and easy to understand presentation with proper visual communication to support your pitch to your investor