4 Easy Branding Tips For Photographer That You Must Know

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What is branding?

Branding is like a reputation. So branding for photographer is not just about how big your camera is, or business card.

It is about how people feel towards your photography business. Let’s keep reading how these tips can build a brand for your photography business.

Have a Proper Logo

Logo can help you differentiate yourself with other photographer.

A logo also helps your customer to recognise your business when your competitor is having a similar name with you.

Besides, a good logo can be a good promotional tool to get free brand awareness where you can include the logo on the side of the picture to serve like a watermark.

Theme Style of Your Work

Does your work have a theme? Not just color theme, do you specialise in portrait? Landscape? Weddings?

Having a style of work can attract the client that you want work with.

Have a Platform to Show Your Portfolio

Where do you showcase your portfolio? Website? Instagram? Have a platform to showcase your work will help build your brand a good first impression.

Besides, it is easy to share your work around.

Supporting Social Movement

Do you have any social movement that you believe in?

64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand (Harvard Business Review)

Supporting a social movement is not just going to help you build a brand, you can get to know more people share the same value with you as well.

If you ever need helps with building a brand for your photography business, reach out to us as we are a branding agency helping small business building a brand.