7 Useful Branding Tips For Small Businesses

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Are you looking for branding tips to grow your business?

Then you came to the right post. I am going to share with you 7 branding tips that you can apply to your business right now.

Branding is a confusing words and each people have their own definition of branding, so let’s understand what branding is so we can all be in the same page.

What is branding?

Branding can mean differently from each people. Some say a logo is a brand, a  website is a brand, their red uniform is their brand.

They are not completely wrong but it doesn’t tell the whole story. We think a logo, a website or a business card are all part of a brand.

This is how Brandmoss defines what a brand is:

It is an emotion that people feel towards a business, product, person or service.

Business owners create brands to elicit a certain feeling or emotion from their audience towards their organization through experience.

1. The Right Visual Language

importance of branding

Let’s do a quick test. Take a look at this dribble above.

Which of these sounds like a rock and roll? I believe you must have picked the one on the right. Do you know what happen just now?

I just put music in your head without any sound.

That’s the power of visual.

Take a look at this graph below.

The shape of your logo, graphic element, uniform, even the color theme of your visual branding play an important part to influence how your customer view your company.

Each shape and color have their own set of psychology.

Each type of business have their own visual that reflect their business.

Selling organic product? Better to have smooth edge on the logo and earthy colour theme.

Offer B2B consulting services? It is better to have bold shape that make your customer feel confident towards your company.

Fact : Colour increases brand recognition by up to 80% – University of Loyola, Maryland Study

2. Tone of Voice

This is what my grandma says when she is hungry:

“Can we get some pizza, please?”

And this is how I say when I am hungry :


Same message but different tone of voice.

The name of the dishes on the menu, product, company profile, or the copywriting of your website is a great place to show the tone of voice of your brand.

3. The right smell of your retail/office

If you are selling a high end watch and your shop smells like fried chicken, I am pretty sure I won’t have a pleasant brand experience.

How about a lemon pudding that smells like the dishwasher that your mom always use. It’s weird right?

The American Marketing Association reports that the right scent can entice a customer to stay up to 44% longer in business.

4. Play Some Music

Imagine playing “Baby Shark” in a gym.

That is not just bad for brand experience, people are probably getting demotivated to get that one last push on their bench press.

It is better to have fast-paced music in a gym and a slow-paced instrumental music in a fine dining restaurant.

 The right music show consumer will be 46% more likely to choose your brand over the competition.

5. Good Customer Service

What would you do if a customer complaint about the quality of the food or there is a strand of hair in their soup?

Part of branding is built by what people say about you when you leave the room so customer service is a great touchpoint to increase your brand value.

Besides, 73% of consumers love a brand because of great customer service – Harris Interactive, 2011 Customer Experience Improvement Study

6. Treat your employee right

Guess what is going to happen when you treat your employee terribly?

They are going to tell the bad experience working with you to their neighbour, family, ancestor and even their cats.

When you treat your employees right, you can easily attract talent to join your workforce.

64% of consumers have stopped purchasing a brand after hearing news of that company’s poor employee treatment – CareerArc

7. Have a shared value with your audience

There is a lot of animal testing involved in the beauty industry. This is where The Body Shop came in and strongly against animal testing on their product.

Another story is Chick-Fill-A, their founder is a devout Christian and they have a policy that is still applied to this day where their outlet is closed on Sunday so their employee has time for spiritual worship.

64% of consumers say that shared values are the main reason that they have a trusted relationship with a brand. – Harvard Business Review

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