Kulai Tourism

Kulai is a small city located in Johor. I have been living in Kulai since I was born.

It is a lovely place full of nice food and beautiful places to visit that not well known for tourists.

So I have decided to have a little fun side project to give Kulai a visual branding that helps introducing traveler about the fun things they can do in Kulai.


A magazine is introduced to let travelers discover the history of Kulai as well as the food and things to do over here.

This can be distributed as a freebie through travel companies so traveler can learn more about Kulai.


The logo is designed in a way where it can easily turn into a sticker.

This can be a normal sticker for a traveller as a souvenir, or an indication of a recommended place to visit.


A website is a design in a way where the traveler can easily find out all the info about Kulai before they travel here such as the weather, latest event, food to eat and things to do in Kulai.

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