Graphic Design Company in Johor Bahru

We are a graphic design company in Johor Bahru creating graphic that saves your relationship with your pet?

Graphic Design Company in Malaysia

You probably find us irrelevant but we do think a series of personalized posters with an apology headline could save your relationship with your pet. All jokes aside, check out what else we can do with our graphic design services.

Standalone Logo Design

A standalone logo is a great way to start your small business such as food stall, online store, facebook page or organization. We think a personal logo is suitable for a real estate agent or any freelance professional to boost their professional image.

Stationary Design

We can help you design a business card, letterhead, receipt, lanyard, sales sheet, or invoice that will make your client key in the right bank account number.

Presentation Slide Design

We got a client reach out to us designing a presentation slide to propose to his girlfriend and she didn’t yes! That’s unfortunate. On the other hand, we can turn complex data into easy to understand visual so you can easily get your message across in an important meeting.

Poster Design

Either you want to tell your customer there is a sales promotion in your retail or you want to apologize to your loved one, a poster can help you achieve that.

Social Media Ads

Need social media ads that get sales or gain awareness? We can help you create effective ads depending on your campaign objectives.

Menu Design

Want your customers to order a mountain of food? A well-thought design menu can help you achieve that. We can help you influence your customer to pick your most profitable dish.

Product Catalog Design

Want to showcase your product that will engage your potential customer to buy just like the Ikea product catalog did?

Infographic Design

An infographic is an effective platform to turn complex data or ideas into something easy to understand. Besides, data shows that infographic is 650% higher engagement than text-only blog posts.

Booklet Design

Do you want to tell more about your new product to your potential customer? A booklet is a great medium to tell more about your new product when they reach home later.

Check out our work

These are some of our work after eating lots of goreng pisang in the meeting room to help us stay engaged.

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